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My name is Ginger, and i'm glad to see you stopped by my site.This is my second Native American site. My first one is Ginger's Native American Images for which there is a banner link lower on this page to get you there.

There are two reasons i'm doing a second Native American site. Fist and foremost, my great grandmother was full Apache. I've always been proud of my Native American heritage, and as i once read, it's not how much Native American blood runs in your veins, it's how proud you are of it. I am very proud to be Native American!!

The other reason i've built this second site is due to the request of so many people who signed my guestbook, or e-mailed me. It seems they want more!!! So more they shall have.

This site is like the first as far as layout, but these are NEW pages. On these pages there are thumbnails at the bottom of each page, that has everything on the page except for the midi, which you can find on my midi page. When you click on the thumbnail it will show you an image, then hit Options on your keyboard, then click on Go To, and you'll get a pop-up, on that go to "show last", click on that and you'll get the URL, or as some say the addy for that image. PC users just click on "save as" and download to your hard drive. Just push your back button to return to this page.

PLEASE transload, do not direct link to this page. You'll be disappointed, because Tripod will not allow direct linking, so you won't get the image on your page unless you transload.

If you wish to use some of these images, i would appreciate it if you would e-mail me for my banner and link back to this site.

I don't claim any of these images for my own, as far as i know they are of public domain, and if you should know differently as to copyright, please e-mail me and i will remove it, or place your link back banner on this site, which ever you prefer.

Web tv'ers need to reload using CMD and hitting "R" several times, so you won't miss anything new, as i will be adding new pages each month. Enough of the yada-yada, on with the show and i hope you ENJOY!!!!

White Dove

Wolf Dream

White Buffalo

Spirit Chief

Lost Love

White Horse

Two Wolves


Little Horse

Blue Wolf


Native Harmony


Chief Eagle

Dove Woman


Mother Spirit

Shaded Wolf

Wolf Howl

Wolf Deer Globe

Maiden With Black Wolf

MIrror Wolves

Moon Shadow



Native Brave

Doe Maiden


Native Spirits

Storm Wolf


Trail Of Tears


Fire God

Stirring Heart

Wolf Scene

Native Globe


Feather Wolf

Wolf Globe

Wolf Song

Wolf Tear

Song Bird

Native Village

Wolf Mate Globe

Spirit Wolves


Maiden White Wolf



Maiden And Pet

Good Spirits

Faithful Guardians

Little Fawn

Elder, Maiden, And Guardian



White Wolf On Snow


Chief White Feather

Wolf Creek

The Wolf Lives

Aztec Princess

Horse Maiden

Maiden Two Wolves

Brave With Pups

Two Wolves

Buffalo Spirit


Little White Horse

Calling For Wolf Spirit (New)

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